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"...a somersault of thought into the inconceivable" 
                                             Carlos Castaneda


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Dearly Departed
              I’m Not Accepting This, Mom!  
Illustrates a client's depression lifting during a hot dialogue with her 
                      deceased mother
Dad’s Grace
Describes healing of physical body and emotion through the loving 
                       reassurance of a client's deceased father 
Turning On The Lights
When all else fails do a L.I.T.E.treatment!


Satan Goes To …
Describes the healing of a client's spiritual belief and remission of decades
                     of Dissociative Disorder

  The Spook On The Wall
                     Illustrates the removal of a client's "voices" that caused eight years of ongoing
                     psychiatric hospitalization for self-mutilation           

           Twin Towers disaster:  Twin Healings
Describes two L.I.T.E.treatments in NYC for hospital-bound victims on
                      September 17, 2001 Dolly Grows A Backbone & Mathew Learns To Smile

           Unabridged versions of several stories cited above. The process and the metaphysical
                 aspects of a L.I.T.E.treatment are more detailed here.




Dearly Departed stories illustrate client healings via direct contact with loved ones, rather than a "channel" speaking the message.


I’m Not Accepting This, Mom!

     Deeply Depressed (DD) is a middle-aged woman, overwhelmed with feelings that all who love  her are dying.  A growing sense of emptiness was enveloping her spirit, and she was afraid of the reoccurrence of a severe depression.  
     “I need to talk with my mother.” DD repeatedly stated.  Until her recent death, Mom had consistently supplied guidance and strength during difficult times.  Now this innocent child was left with many  responsibilities and few answers.  DD wanted to pray for dying Little Sister, but felt disconnected from God.  The therapist suggested that a 
L.I.T.E.treatment might help DD return to that deep place of quiet where God will hear her prayers.
     The second session was the L.I.T.E.treatment.
 DD reported deep relaxation and commun- ication with her mother.  Mom was explaining that it was in Little Sister’s best interest to die.  DD argued she needed Little Sister more than Mom.  DD was describing a rather heated discussion, not unlike conversations during Mom’s lifetime.  This dialogue went on for some- time.  The connection was reported as fading in and out.
     “Do you want to reconnect with your Mom?” the therapist asked softly.
     “Yes,” DD answered with a strong, deliberate voice and fire in her  eyes, “I’m not accepting this so easily.  She’s going to have to do a lot of convincing.”
     A bit more energy  to her Brow Chakra and DD was back in contact.  Telepathically, Mom and the therapist were chatting about DD’s need for courage in managing these losses, as energy was being pumped into the Confidence Chakra. 
     Suddenly, something strange happened.   A portion of Mom separated from her body and directed itself down DD’s Crown Chakra and remained there.
     The therapist was dumbfounded, but before a question could be formulated, clarification occurred.  Mom was literally “going to be there for her (DD).”  It seemed plausible, so the therapist stopped trying to understand and went back to mindlessly pumping energy.  It was time to close the Treatment.
     In contrast to severe lethargic and hopeless expression prior to the L.I.T.E.treatment, DD had erect posture, flushed cheeks and lightening in her eyes.  There was power in her speech, match- ed by her gait as she  sprung to her feet stating, “She has not heard the last from me.  We (Mother and I) will be talking.”


Dad's Grace

     Anxious Woman (AW) presented with pronounced physical and emotional agitation.  Her mother was ill, and that potential death generated too much anxiety for AW.  AW’s body had been deteriorating since the death of her Dad many years ago.  Large muscle groups were knotted and unresponsive to medical treatments. 
     After taking her history, it was clear that her self-confidence had been rooted in Dad.  The impending loss of Mom would leave her alone, generating too much apprehension.  It was believed that a L.I.T.E.treatment, focused upon Dad’s death scene, might neutralize its ang- uished meaning and fortify her self-concept.  Unhooking from Dad’s loss would propel movement toward her internal resources.  It was explained that due to the long-standing nature of her issues and unremitting physical distress, relief would take at least two L.I.T.E.treatments.  During the first Treatment, AW reported muscles unknotting, but little change in the deathbed scene.   
Within minutes of starting the second Treatment, there was a complaint about the specific body part, which others have indicated as an opening to contact Dearly Departeds.  She was getting very agitated when the therapist’s internal voice reported, “Exorcism,” and that word began blinking in large, capital block letters in his right eye.  He had been pumping energy into her heart and something was bursting out.  AW was reporting terrible pain.
 Staying at her heart, there was a large presence, but not a resistant or negative energy.  In less than five minutes, it was over and she was deeply relaxed.  AW reported that she had a secret known to only one other person, which she then shared with the therapist.  AW was afraid that it would cost her the love of her family. 
“I hear my father,” AW reported, “he’s saying that the family will always love me, that I should not be afraid.”
     At follow-up two weeks later, the therapist was reduced to tears of bliss.  AW had shared her secret with two close friends and had identified the next two people on her list.  She reported how light her mind and body is feeling since the L.I.T.E.treatment.  She demonstrated her head’s ability to rotate 90 degrees, placing her chin over either shoulder.  She had used her electrical muscle-relaxation (TENS) unit only a day and a half in the prior two weeks in contrast to pre-Treatment daily use.
AW had been holding onto Dad for emotional security and he had remained in her body.   When she was freed from her fear of aloneness, he released to pursue his spiritual evolution and her body returned to health.


Turning On The Lights

     Grieving Son had been referred by his physician for acute, unremitting depression over his mother’s death, which had occurred several months earlier.  He had never lived outside of his birth home, unlike his siblings.   He was a simple, monosyllabic man, who seemed ill equipped for the world’s stiff challenges.  Mom had always been there for him.   The depth of his depres- sion was severe, despite the prescribed medication.  He barely slept or ate, having lost over 25 pounds in the past two months.  The home needed to be sold, throwing him another overwhelming change.  His mourning and isolation was profound, softly expressed in heart-felt words and unremitting sobs. 
     When there was no apparent change at the fourth session, the therapist knew something drastic had to stop the deterioration.
"This is not getting any better."  the therapist said calmly, but declaratively.  Grieving Son nodded acquiescently.  How could it; there were only marginal support systems.  Grieving Son stated that he keeps the lights off because everything he sees reminds him of Mom.  “I just sit in the dark, trying to fall asleep.  The electric bill was $17 last month.” 
     "We have 30 minutes left.  I'd like to try a new technique with you, though it usually requires preparation, and then a 90-minute session.  Want to try it; I'll just be winging it?"  The therapist had asked Grand Master Oric for permission prior to offering it and received His nod.
The client focused on his Mom's grave, the most painful representation he could identify.  In summary, there was a quick tap of energy, strong Oric presence and then his Mom was silently called into the session by the therapist.  Her presence generated a significant and prolonged burst of body rush.  At the end of the thirty minutes, Grieving Son reported feeling much "lighter and relieved."  He verbalized that her death was timely, since she had been infirm for several years and had to crawl up the stairs if she desired to visit her room.
     "It was a crude attempt, but tell me, was it more or less value than talking?" the therapist wondered.
     "Yeah," he said smiling ear to ear, "I feel pretty good." 
     At follow-up, he reported reduced symptoms and had worked through the grieving.  He wanted to focus on social anxiety.  He had begun pleasurable activities abandoned decades earlier.  More importantly, he had returned to using the electric lights.




Clearings:  Strange behaviors or unwanted feelings may be driven by negative forces beyond our perception or understanding.  Extraction generates immediate relief. 


Satan Goes To... 

     VS, a middle-aged woman, had experienced satanic cult abuse as a pre-schooler through the end of high school.  It left deep emotional scars, including Dissociative Disorder and feeling abandoned by Christ.  This devout Catholic woman was particularly traumatized due to the one momentary lapse in her faith during a critical childhood torture experience.  In spite of her deep spiritual practices and commitment to serve Christ, she feared the reoccurrence of such a blasph- emous lapse in faith.  She also suffered from Dissociative Disorder, which caused sporadic breaks in reality.
     During the L.I.T.E.treatment, VS wrestled with the negative energy she labeled as Satan.  She experienced what Stanislaus Graf, MD, a noted psychiatrist and leading National Institute of Mental Health researcher, describes as an exorcism.
     After the Treatment, VS elaborated, “Satan can do nothing to me, and after this, what more can he do?  I died; I experienced that, and it was fine.  I didn't crack with terror.  I went to the end, and it was OK.  I used to be terrorized that he would get my soul, but I abandoned respons- ibility to God.  I trusted.  This was different than the last experience (initial L.I.T.E.treatment) where Satan showed me all those horrible scenes of inhumanity, torture, and horror to children.  I felt responsible since God wasn't there to protect them.  But today was different; if God knows all and sees all, then it is His responsibility to take care of it, not mine.  I can trust and believe in that."  Her faith in Christ is no longer compromised by self-doubts of abandoning her belief under pressure.


The Spook On The Wall

     Grieving Mother had recently begun treatment with this therapist after eight years of on- going psychiatric hospitalization for self-inflicted burning and cutting.  Such patients are termed “revolving door” because they repetitively cycle in and out of the psychiatric unit for their own protection.
     Months earlier, the spirit of her deceased child had been extracted by this therapist, providing her more control over her body.  However, destructive “voices” persisted and finally Grieving Mother was ready for their clearing.  It was Summer Solstice, always a dramatic day for the therapist.
     The L.I.T.E.treatment was going well.  Symbols of knifes and self-mutilation routinely appeared and disappeared, including one of Grieving Mother piercing her heart with a huge sword.  The Spook on the Wall appeared, and she reported his taunts and statements regarding his intractable entrenchment.   Her Spook was saying that it wouldn’t be found, and it would then disappear.   Grieving Mother said she sees him riding a train, weaving in and out of her vision.  The therapist caught the scene, viewing an oversized, whitish figure sitting atop an undersized locomotive, similar to the proportions of a child’s amusement ride.  It was weaving an elaborate pattern of visual hide and seek.  There was no intimidation in contrast to prior experiences with other entities.
     “You can run, but you can’t hide,” the therapist murmured silently to the Spook with com- posure and strength as the healing energy was jacked up.  “I’m just going to fill you with White Light.”  That was an excellent tip from a Source; energy was now turbocharged.   With White Light streaming down Grieving Mother’s Crown Chakra, she reported seeing white flowers on rolling hills and other peaceful, bucolic scenes.
     Without solicitation, Grieving Mother said, “It’s gone, the voices are gone.”  The therapist’s Guides confirmed and his body began ringing in confirmation.
     From that day forward, Grieving Mother has been without voices and has not added to her scars.  She is no longer a “revolving door” patient and enjoys telling others about her uncon- ventional healing. 



Trauma:  Creates dramatic shifts of our perception of self and the world.  Relief is freeing.

  Twin Towers: Twin Healings  

September 17, 2001

     Six days after September 11, 2001, the therapist and Jayna (his wife) provided trauma intervention service in Manhattan.


Dolly Grows A Backbone  

     Dolly was a thin, young woman who hadn’t eaten or slept in four days.  Having heard the first plane crash, she and others were drawn to the unobstructed picture windows.  She witnessed the approach and impact of the second plane.  Only a few blocks away, she stood fixated at the resulting orange fireball with debris and bodies falling to the ground.  Whenever Dolly closed her eyes, this scene would replay “like a looping video tape” preventing sleeping or eating.  She felt unsafe in her apartment and would not venture outside unless accompanied by a close friend.   She could no longer enter the subway. 
     It is commonly accepted that most who become incapacitated by trauma are re-experiencing an earlier, unresolved issue that is becoming unzipped.  This “floods” coping mechanisms and generates overload.  Such was true for Dolly, as her father had died several years earlier.  He had been “...my backbone and without him I’m lost.  I haven’t been able to go to his grave.  I can’t face it.”  She needed to express her issues and establish a sense of trust with the therapist.  This process could not be hurried in her current fragile state.  Feeling pressured for time, the therapist was pleased when she agreed to a L.I.T.E.treatment
     We focused on the orange fireball as the trauma scene to be erased.  It caused her frail body to shudder and tears to flow.  Within twenty minutes, most of the fireball was gone and the visualized piles of rubble had become successively white, puffy, cylindrical clouds, drifting in a bright blue sky.  The image of the trauma scene had been neutralized.  She saw a bright orange ball, but this one looked “like the sun, setting to the West.”
     The Twin Towers trauma material was resolved, but there was the residual issue of Dad and the grave she could not visit.  The therapist asked if she would like to more comfortably manage her feelings about the cemetery.  The L.I.T.E.treatment was applied.   Within ten minutes, she had transformed the dreaded cemetery scene into Dolly placing flowers on Dad’s grave in a composed, loving way.
     Interestingly during the cemetery work, she bolted upright in alarm, asking why a plane was flying so close.  The therapist responded that no planes were flying, that the noise was part of the stored trauma material leaving her memory.
     It was time to finish and install an affirmation, which earlier had been designed as, “I am strong.”  She modified it at installation to, “Strong I am.”
As Dolly stood up, she began twisting at the hips, pivoting around and bending both forward and back.  The therapist elected not to address it, but knew she was flexing her newly formed backbone, which formerly had been her Dad.
Dolly walked to the picture window facing the fallen Towers.  Pulling a corner of the curtain to the side, she longingly peered outward to the twisted, vertical, steel girders that remained of the wreckage. 
     ”That frame standing up there, is that what’s left?” Dolly asked tentatively, staring with a fixed gaze for the third minute.  I silently acknowledged her healing, since the prior counselor had unsuccessfully tried to have her face this fearsome scene.
     “I don’t know, Dolly, I can’t see well, but probably so.” The therapist quietly responded. 
     “It is.  I know it is, but I can look at it now.  It’s so horrible, but I can look at it.  I’ll be O.K. We’ll all be O.K., but it’s horrible.”  Dolly was somber and soft-spoken.  She turned away from the window after a few more minutes.
     “And your Dad?” the therapist asked, wondering what more resolution is required on that issue.
     “I think I can go there now; I can face it; I’m strong enough.” Dolly added, her voice projecting with increasing vitality. 
     We were closing our work with instructions for installing her affirmation when Jayna knocked on the door.  Intuitively the therapist knew another trauma victim was in need. The timing was perfect.


Matthew Learns To Smile  

     Jayna’s grim expression indicated a serious situation.  Her drained voice uttered one sentence, “This man wants to know more about a Treatment, and you know I can’t really explain it.”  That’s all that needed to be stated regarding her assessment of the severity of his condition.  Jayna is a very competent clinician, who has been doing “death and dying” work for more than two decades.  The solemnity in her voice indicated her client required hospitalization.
In her room, a slim male frame seemed swallowed by a well-cushioned Naugahide armchair.  His hunched posture accentuated a handsome, but hauntingly sad face, which appeared to have not smiled in years.
     After introducing the therapist, Jayna supplied the second sentence of our encounter.  “Matt and I have been talking for ninety minutes.  He hasn’t eaten or slept for several days.  He was visiting friends at the World Trade Center, having breakfast in the cafeteria.  After evacuating the building and standing outside, he saw the second plane hit and can’t get the scenes out of his mind.  I told him you might be able to help with that.”
    The therapist softly reassured him that one Treatment had just been successfully completed and he was next if he wished.  When reassured that the therapist does all the work, he raised his head in slow motion, looking up for the first time to establish eye contact.  His non-verbal communication stated that there was not one ounce of energy he could contribute.
     After laboriously shuffling over to the therapist’s office, Matt nestled into a similar, over- stuffed armchair.  He was informed, like the earlier client, that a devastating reaction to a crisis usually occurs due to earlier, unresolved trauma. 
“It would be my pleasure to extract that as well,” the therapist added softly and casually, like a car salesman throwing in three years of free oil changes to close the deal.  Matt mentioned a horrible experience at the hands of a male relative, which turned out to be on-going trauma throughout his youth.  The therapist commented on Matt’s sad demeanor and questioned his frequency of smiling.  Matt’s face strained as he tried to elevate his head for eye contact.  It rose halfway with fatigued closed eyes, before it began shaking negatively, confirming the assess- ment.  Exhausted, this man in his 20s slumped back into the depths of the armchair.
     Sitting close to Matt, his bittersweet breath broadcasted a state of starvation.  Without a successful L.I.T.E.treatment, Matthew would require hospitalization.  However, the therapist had total confidence in the projected outcome.  The only question was how quickly it would occur.  Matt relaxed easily.  Vivid, entertaining colors appeared to this sleep-deprived human wreck.  The fireball of the second plane’s explosion appeared and was extinguished within ten minutes.  Other, more horrible details also quickly vanished from his memory. 
     The crumbling building and its huge pile of waste replaced the frightening unspecified details that triggered Matt’s collapse.  In a few more minutes that too disappeared and was replaced by a green park scene.  The therapist silently noted that the prior patient also visual- ized the park.  (It is not uncommon for consecutive patients to see similar vistas.)
Matt’s park scene evolved into the construction of an “ultra-modern” skyscraper.  With the initial trauma material neutralized according to rating scales, the therapist shifted to the trauma material regarding the male relative.  That on-going abuse had severely damaged his self- image.  In fifteen minutes, the worst of those experiences was no longer in memory and no vision of this man could be evoked.  
     Matt's Treatment was completed in less than an hour.  However, so much goo was being extracted, the therapist wouldn’t stop.  Another five minutes of cleaning caused him to report seeing a smiling face.  The therapist asked if he could recognize whose it was. Matthew ventured a guess, “Maybe it’s mine.”
     Another five minutes of cleaning and he reported himself “cold.”
     “Would you like my jacket?” the therapist volunteered. “I can just drape it over you.”
     “No,” Matt said, “it’s cold out on the street.”  The therapist actually knew what he was talking about, since the dashboard had earlier informed the therapist that he was out-of-body.  It’s not uncommon for clients to journey, sometimes to exotic realms.
     Matt was well cleaned of goo and had fully transformed both the Twin Towers and the abuse traumas.  That was confirmed when he, like the earlier client, reported a glowing sun framing the horizon with the newly constructed Twin Towers scene in the foreground.  The therapist silently marveled at the similarity of the two reprocessed scenes.  Both had replaced the orange fireball with a warm, glowing sunset, although Matt finished with a building, where Dolly had a park.
     Closing the L.I.T.E.treatment takes about five minutes.  When the therapist stated it was finished, Matt sprung up with surprising energy from the depths of the chair.  He was smiling, and then began using spread palms to fiddle with his head. 
“My head feels split, like it’s not together,” he blurted out in awe, fingers of both hands spread open upon his face, like a chiropractor preparing to establish proper alignment.
     With the confidence of a country barber spying a cowlick and the theatrical intonation of a carnival barker, the therapist guided him back into the chair via sweeping hand motions and comic voice inflection, “Oh, no problem Matt; sit right back down in the chair so I can fix that.”  This had happened with a couple other clients about a year ago, and the intuitive solution, fortunately, was simple!  The problem was caused by an incomplete return of his astral body before closing.  (The therapist, a casual guy, is now paying more attention to such details.)
The therapist, using his right forefinger like a laser-powered scalpel, made an incision in the protective sheath just established over Matt’s head.  (That covering, part of the closing ritual of a L.I.T.E.treatment, seals the rebalanced Chakras and cleansed energy bodies from negative forces.)  A visual glance opened his Crown Chakra, an optimal place for such work.  With cupped hands held at a 45-degree angle to the top of his head, the remainder of Matt’s essence was guided into his body.  The repair took thirty seconds.
     “How’s that?” the therapist asked confidently, having already noted the confirmed results on his dashboard.
     A second smile blossomed upon Matt's face, reversing frown lines caused by years of alcohol and self-hate. 
“Yeah, that’s good, that’s real good,” Matt repeated with elation as his hands checked and reconfirmed the structure and smile upon his face.”
      "I am a good person, deserving of love.  Such was the installed Affirmation that would help direct his newly constructed self.
spent a couple minutes in animated conversation about his future and the many positive opportunities awaiting him. 

Note: Prayers continue that the September 11th tragedy and American way-of-life be repaired as quickly and easily as Dolly’s backbone and Matthew’s smile.





The Spook On The Wall

     This experience occurred with the same patient described in “Exorcism III: The Vibration of Love.”  In that situation, the spirit of Grieving Mother’s deceased child had been “controlling my life” for eight years, consistent with the duration of her psychiatric disorder of self-mutilation (cutting and burning), necessitating unceasing psychiatric hospitalizations.  Grieving Mother had found significant, if not total, relief from that Treatment, as measured by no further mention of that deceased child directing conscious thoughts.  However, problems of a different nature were continuing.
     Several weeks ago, she appeared for a routine session.  She was virtually non- communicative, sitting on the waiting room bench and silently muttering incomprehensible syllables.  Her foot was shaking as fast as a dog’s tail, and she was unable to make eye contact.  She needed to be physically guided into the office.  The dissociation slowly reduced, and she stated that self-destructive thoughts had been building all week. 
Grieving Mother stated, “The voices are in control and want me to hurt myself, and this (dissociation) is my only way to block them.”  There was terror in her eyes.  It was time to investigate the source of the voices.  The therapist asked if he could do a short Treatment to both relax her and better understand the nature of the voices.  She understood and granted permission.
The therapist had her focus on the voices, and her body tightened dramatically, including postural rigidity and faster, shallower breathing.   She needed to hold onto the therapist “for grounding,” and his left hand was clenched painfully by her powerful, terrorized grip.  There was no time to set up music, but he had the presence of mind to perform a silent Prayer of Protection.  After she relaxed, there was a tightening again as she described her vision.
     “There is this white shadow that has human shape, but no face or sexuality.  It is the voice.  It’s sitting on a wall.  It’s making nasty remarks about you, that you can’t touch him.  Its right arm is several times longer than its body, and it’s saying that it has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.”  Grieving Mother was able to speak clearly and didn’t seem distressed by this report.  The therapist asked if she wanted to get rid of that figure, noting that there was 15 minutes left in the session.  The spook was also visible to the therapist, who heard from his Guides that it attached to Grieving Mother during her many hospital stays with her infant.   She said “No,” that it was part of her and that she didn’t want to change.  The therapist said that was OK and started closing her down.
     Her body started tensing, and dissociation began.  She was physically wrestling with pain and anguish.  She stated herself to be filled with rage and needed help to contain it, or she would start destroying things.  She slithered off the chair onto the floor, twisting violently, a struggle only she could comprehend.  The therapist had to physically restrain her as she fought to contain her “demons” and eased her back to consciousness through a previously practiced grounding exercise.  It was clear that marginal control would not permit safe driving, which was the cause of her prior hospitalization during a visit to the medicating psychiatrist.
     She was sobbing uncontrollably, recognizing her helplessness despite valiant attempts to get healthy.  She apologized, saying that she tries so hard, in part a plea for compassion.  The therapist has always taken a hard stance about the critical need for her to do the therapeutic homework, “...since I am only the coach.”  That concept was initially a struggle for her, having had many years of traditional, undemanding psychotherapy, but Grieving Mother had accepted that she was the agent of change.  Now, the therapist was reversing his position, saying that much of the healing was her job, but in the case of the voices, “I will take responsibility for that, when you are ready to let go.”  She seemed relieved.   For the first time in a 30-year career, the therapist had to call an ambulance to take her to the psychiatric unit she knew all too well.  She stayed almost a week.
     The therapist was wondering when the opportunity would emerge for that exorcism.  The Solar Solstice was scheduled for about 9:23 P.M. on June 20.  Interesting and most unusual, session after session was canceled or rescheduled.  His day was quite relaxing, which was enjoyable since he was reveling in the energy of the day’s astronomical event.  He even thought about Grieving Mother and what a beautiful day it would be for a Treatment.  At 4:50 P.M. the phone rang and Grieving Mother told him she was out of control and needed to be seen.  She was afraid to drive home due to dissociation.  He was solidly booked until 8:30 P.M. but stated that time would be fine.  Smiling inside and out, the therapist’s head shook with the awareness of how beautifully the Universe takes care of everything.  The 7:30 P.M. appointment didn’t show up either, so more energy was absorbed as he vibrated with expectation.  The day had already taken on mystical proportions with this bizarre pattern of cancellations in combination with Summer Solstice, which is usually June 21.
     Grieving Mother was on the bench and fairly frozen, but able to talk about searching the park for lit cigarette butts for self-mutilation.  This quieted down and we discussed the Spook on the Wall, which earlier she had stated was important to hold onto.  She didn’t remember that decis- ion of a couple of weeks earlier and now was ready to get rid of it and the voices it represented.  She had no memory of the last Treatment, which is typical for Dissociative Disorder.   The ther- apist called home to prepare Jayna for a delayed arrival, and Grieving Mother called her husband.
     The therapist made no reference to the term “exorcism.”  It is a useful label for him but rife with too many bizarre and frightening associations for others.  Thinking back on other exper- iences, the therapist warned her, “When it’s over, it won’t be pretty.”  He was reflecting on the departing entity’s choking behavior of two prior exorcisms.  Frankly, he didn’t see exorcism as a concept until he read a description by Stan Grof, M.D. who stated it as the scariest event of his life.  This occurred during LSD psychotherapy of an unresponsive patient at the National Institute of Mental Health, where he was the lead researcher on alternative psychotherapy.  These nasty spirits can be rough and generate superhuman power, so the therapist went to his briefcase to get Mace for backup.  While there, he remembered Amma’s vibuti (sacred ash) and decided it would be helpful.
     Applying some to his tongue and Third Eye, the therapist invited Grieving Mother to dip her finger in and apply some to her tongue.  Without identifying what it was, he suggested that it would be good for her and might make the Treatment easier.  The clock indicated 9:20 P.M. , pretty close to the Solar Solstice he had heard about on TV that morning.  He again wondered why it wasn’t the 21st, attributing it to a calendar shift.
     The Treatment went well.  Archetypes of swords and self-mutilation routinely appeared and disappeared, including one of Grieving Mother piercing her heart with a huge sword, a fright- ening picture she had never seen before.  The Spook on the Wall appeared, and she reported his taunts and statements regarding his intractable entrenchment.  The therapist’s energy was incred- ible - deep, bilateral vibrations that were holding steady.  His visual dashboard was registering fullest of power: Black Square, five-pointed violet star, portraits of his familiar inorganic companions, and the circle with cross and the Shakti circle in its center.  He was blasting at her Chakras, and Grieving Mother was experiencing alternate relief and tension as layers were being cleansed.
     Yet, the Spook was not gone, according to his senses and guides, even after 10 consecutive minutes of relief.  Spook was saying that he wouldn’t be found and then he disappeared.  The therapist couldn’t detect the Spook’s energy.  Besides, he assumed it would exit with a choking and strangling vengeance to the patient, as previously witnessed with two others.  Grieving Mother said she sees him riding a train, weaving in and out of her vision.  The therapist caught the scene, seeing an oversized, whitish figure sitting atop an undersized locomotive, similar to the proportions of a child’s amusement ride.  It was weaving an elaborate pattern of visual hide- and-seek.  The therapist felt no intimidation in contrast to prior experiences with other entities.      “You can run, but you can’t hide,” the therapist murmured to himself with composure and strength as he increased the power.  He knew it was still there.  Body rushing, the dashboard indicated a new power symbol.  At the bottom left corner of his right eye, there were four squares, each with one line leading toward the center.  He considered that a new power source was being tapped, perhaps related to Apollo, whom he suspected is replacing Krishna as his next teacher.
     “That’s OK,” the therapist comforted the patient and then paraphrased instructions just given to him (which he had never before shared with clients), “I’m just going to fill you with White Light.”  That was an excellent tip from his Source; energy was now turbocharged as he silently called upon Shiva-Shakti.  That enhanced power megafold.   (This was in significant contrast to an event 20 minutes earlier when the patient asked if she could help in any way.  The therapist suggested a silent prayer, and she stated she has no religion.  Power dropped for a few minutes before re-establishing its former intensity.)  With White Light streaming down her Crown Chakra, she reported seeing white flowers on rolling hills and other peaceful, bucolic scenes.
     The therapist sensed that the Spook had vacated, but didn’t register a specific time.  More- over, there was no strangulation or choking, so he was wary.  He directed Grieving Mother to visualize certain scenes that typically generate dissociation.  She reported anxiety, but it was manageable.  He began lateral EMDR to escalate distress, but her response was comfortable.  Independently, Grieving Mother said, “It’s gone.  The Voices are gone.”  The therapist’s Guides confirmed and his body began ringing in confirmation.
     After the closing, Grieving Mother asked what had occurred.  He said it wasn’t important right now to be specific, but we would talk about it later.  It was 10:45 P.M.  She again stated that the Voices were gone and wanted to know what the therapist thought.
     “I agree with you, but would feel more confident had there been problems at the end.  Re- member, I said it would be ugly.  Usually there is choking and there wasn’t any, which surprises me.  The vibuti may have helped; I do remember hearing that it would protect your body.”  The therapist clarified.   She felt safe to drive and was quite lucid.
     She called the next morning, night, and following morning.  All calls described an increased sense of well-being, energy, and clarity, supported by feedback from others.  The next session was filled with anger about eight years of debilitating illness, which no therapist had adequately managed.  He responded that it was her good fortune that she had met a freak (unconventional) therapist.  It is now 10 days later, and she had stopped all medications, an action that the psychiatrist and the therapist had taken strong stands against.  It had to be clarified that just because the Voices were gone, it didn’t mean that neurotic aspects of her personality were well controlled.  As she demonstrated more control, medication would be less required.  


                            Hale-Bopp Comet  Over Sedeona's Bell Rock
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