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"...a somersault of thought into the inconceivable" 
                                             Carlos Castaneda

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Mission: Provide fast, predictable emotional healing & add data about metaphysical treatment.



     A  L.I.T.E.treatment - Lift Into The Energy - delivers palpable healing energy to rapidly resolve emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, grief, phobia, trauma and poor self-image.  During healings, clients may experience colors, floating, travel through the Tunnel of White Light or direct contact with a Dearly Departed. 


Lift Into The Energy Via A L.I.T.E.treatment
                  Harvey explains the treatment from a spiritual/clinical view

L.I.T.E.treatment Pilot Study
                      Thirty-four clients report their L.I.T.E.treatment experiences

Understanding L.I.T.E.treatment Through The Writings Of
         Carlos Castaneda
  Predictable elements of a L.I.T.E.treatment are discussed through Carlos' writings




Lift Into The Energy Via A L.I.T.E.treatment

     Healing occurs when one experiences a L.I.T.E.treatment  - Lift Into The Energy.  A L.I.T.E.treatment extracts obstacles blocking desired feelings and behaviors.   It is a unique union of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an accepted psychological technique,  with spiritual healing energy.  The latter was bestowed upon this therapist by a blessed soul from Southern India (Ammachi).  
During a
L.I.T.E.treatment , the client receives cleansing energy, which may be experienced as colors, shapes, bubbles, and\or feeling “light.”  Surreal events, such as  floating,  a cosmic journey or direct communication with a Dearly Departed may also occur.  


The Initial Step

     During preparation, a client identifies the problem to be removed, such as: a fear, trauma, depression, poor self-image....  The client then describes the three most distressing life exper- iences.  One of these is usually the root of the presenting problem.  This disturbing memory typically evokes strong emotional and physical discomfort.  A traditional psychological history is taken to ensure proper application of this technique. 


The L.I.T.E.treatment

     This begins with the client’s visualization of the traumatic scene.  Eye movements are guided to reveal the targeted and associated material.  Within ten minutes, the client feels increased relaxation - followed by lightness, heaviness, numbness, and/or tingling.  These body sensations indicate the accessing of pertinent memories.   
Healing energy is then directed through the therapist’s hand at seven, untouched sites on the client’s body (chakras).  Unlike other forms of psychotherapy, the client’s inner world is accessed with little conscious distress.  Healing occurs via the client’s innate use of the energy.  When physical tension is reported, it is extracted until comfort fully returns.  
The client is again asked to visualize the problem scene; more tension is aroused, extracted, and the healing cycle resumes until relaxation is fully restored.  All negative material must be removed, including a dramatic change to the original scene, before a
L.I.T.E.treatment is deemed successful.  As the healing nears completion, the client is quite aware of the energy’s dramatic impact, particularly a sense of deep relaxation.  The
L.I.T.E.treatment reprocesses the scene and profoundly alters the client’s interpretation of the event.  
     Reversal of the presenting problem is a two-step process.  First, when one of the client’s worst life events no longer carries any negative emotional or physical charge, cleansing has occurred.  Second, a positive self-statement (Affirmation) is installed to replace the prior negative belief.  In difficult cases, it is ideal for the client to cement the healing by repeating the Affirmation frequently for a month.  Thus, a L.I.T.E.treatment usually removes memories and beliefs that have stalled a client’s evolution in a painless, 90 minute procedure.    


Post Script 

     Of several hundred L.I.T.E.treatments, only once did a client request it be stopped.  The Jehovah’s Witness stood up, stating, “This must be against my religion.”




L.I.T.E.treatment Pilot Study



     A pilot study conducted February 21, 2003 to October 11, 2003 evaluated the impact of a 60-minute L.I.T.E.treatment on an outpatient population of 34 clients.  Therapist helped clients identify a significant life event (trauma scene), deemed the root of the presenting problem.  The L.I.T.E.treatment  consisted of about 15% EMDR and 85% energy directed from the therapist’s hand to the client chakras.  Thirty-one subjects experienced one L.I.T.E.treatment , and 3 required a second.  Measurements of phenomena generated by healing energy and trauma reduction were taken via self-response to a printed questionnaire.



Perception of Healing Energy by the 34 subjects:

3.6  colors reported per patient (associated with chakra cleaning)
25  reported “full body bubbling or tingling”
20  reported “parts floating or out -of- body” 
13  reported “tall, white line”
13  reported “tunnel, cylinder or cone of White Light”
 4  reported “deceased friend\relative”
 5  reported “spiritual symbol”
 5  reported “strange vistas”
 4  reported “eye(s) or face”


EMDR Measurements

     Level of Distress measurement for the identified scene was done via the recommended SUDS scale (Zero to Ten).   Average beginning score was 9.2  ("where a 9.0 is one of the worst ten experiences of my life, and 10.0 is one of the worse three experiences of my life").  At end of L.I.T.E.treatment, level of distress averaged 0.5  (“where 1.0 is very slight distress and 0.0 is no distress at all”).  
of 34 subjects rated their scene significantly changed; one did not and requires a second Treatment. 



     A pilot study of 34 clients receiving L.I.T.E.treatment indicates a predictable presence of paranormal phenomena.  Colors coincide with energy centers (chakras) being cleared.  Reports of  “tingling” coincide with memories being discharged according to EMDR protocol.   “Floating” may be a description of enhanced internal awareness, such as the astral or causal body.  The “tall white line” (a crack in the curtain to the “other side”) precedes the “tunnel, cylinder or cone of White Light.”  Those electing to adventure through the Tunnel of White Light then typically report additional paranormal experiences, such as “strange vistas.”  “Eye(s)" or "face” is usually reported prior to seeing the “tall white line.”  “Departed friends\relatives” appear when therapeutically necessary.
     Results seem superior when compared to classic EMDR.  Abreactions (real time reliving of trauma) are eliminated.


Client Comments Stated At Follow-up

    A teenager, seen via family counseling, was responding poorly to counseling from another therapist, despite heavy medications.   Two weeks after her L.I.T.E.treatment  during family counseling, Mom stated in front of her daughter, ”You wouldn’t know this Dr. Kraslin, only a mother would sense it, but there is a spark in her eyes that I haven’t seen in years.  She’s alive again.”  The typically quiet, but observant father added, “and she smiles now!
     A compulsive gambler,  on the fast-track to self-destruction for the past seven years stated, “Everything has changed.  I feel like I’ve reverted back 25 years to the best time in my life, when I was totally optimistic and carefree.  I have so much energy and no concerns.  And then when I went to Church, I felt the Holy Spirit entering through the top of my head and heat running right down to my toes and back up again…I don’t think we need anymore sessions, but I’d like to come back in a few months and let you know how well things are going.” 





Understanding L.I.T.E.treatment Through The Writings Of
Carlos Castaneda



     The autobiographical, anthropological work of Carlos Castaneda offers some understanding of the L.I.T.E.treatment  experience.  As a graduate student at UCLA in the 1950s, he traveled to Mexico to study Yaqui Indian mysticism, sorcery reported to be at least five thousand years old.  That university holds the copyright to his first book and Master’s thesis, The Teachings of Don Juan.   Carlos became an apprentice (warrior) to Don Juan, an empowered teacher.   Dr. Kraslin has read many of his books, appreciating why some consider them scripture.   Quotes are taken from The Power of Silence (1972) and Tales of Power  (1974).   These books do not discuss healing techniques nor were they involved in developing the L.I.T.E.treatment.  However, they offer a body of literature that conceptualizes elements of the phenomenon.   
     Essentially, Carlos Castaneda's work describes each person as a luminous being, constructed of countless strands, which sense, organize and recall that person’s universe.  That cocoon separates man from all else.  The Assemblage Point  maintains that reality and may shift in a variety of ways, including Unbending Intent and the power of Spirit.  The latter may be channeled through special beings, such as Don Juan.


How Memories Are Removed

     According to Don Juan, memories are stored on the luminous fibers constructing the reality that is  based upon the position of the Assemblage Point.   The Assemblage Point may be under- stood as functioning similar to the head of a CD player or disk drive.  At one alignment, it reads material in one way; in an alternate position, it will decipher data differently than its initial setting.  
     During a L.I.T.E.treatment, the therapist’s energy shifts the assemblage point, thus repositioning the client’s reality.  It may be a small shift, yielding little change, or a movement that takes clients beyond their understanding of reality.
     A successful L.I.T.E.treatment  displaces the Assemblage Point to a position where the scene is no longer available.   Carlos Castaneda was taught that the awareness of memories and perceptions are “stored in our calves and thighs, in our back and shoulders and neck…”  Those body parts are the principal sites of sensation and discomfort during a Treatment.  As the memory dissolves, that body part loses the tension, becomes light, and may be experienced as “floating.”


Why Is The L.I.T.E.treatment ‘s Affirmation Critical To Successful Healing? 

     The L.I.T.E.treatment seeks to shift the Assemblage Point and thus remove the traumatic scene which taught the person negative self-talk or an unhelpful belief.  Once accomplished, the Affirmation is the positive statement replacing the undesirable material.   For instance, a person traumatized by being trapped may grow via the Affirmation, “I handle whatever comes my way.”   The Affirmation needs to be stated 20-30 times daily with deep commitment. 
Don Juan describes Unbending Intent as, “…a sort of single-mindedness human beings exhibit, an extremely well-defined purpose not countermanded by any conflicting interests or desires.  Unbending Intent was also the force engendered when the assemblage point was maintained in a fixed position, which was not the usual one. “
Castaneda would probably agree that the liberal use of Affirmation is critical for reversing deeply held self-talk.  He was taught Will and Unbending Intent can harness the power of Spirit and is the preferred method of moving the assemblage point or fixing it to a new position.


Why Do Clients Frequently Report Bewilderment And Improbable Phenomena?

     A L.I.T.E.treatment may generate celestial journeys, novel vistas or experiences beyond our comprehension.  The change of awareness is due to the Assemblage Point shifting, thus reading different material.   A small shift keeps the Assemblage Point within our understanding; a larger movement reads material beyond our comprehension. 
     A significant shift of the Assemblage Point may create bewilderment, described by Don Juan as, “A somersault of thought into the inconceivable…. the act of breaking our perceptual barriers.  It is the moment in which man’s perception reaches its limits.”


What Causes Clients To Experience Two Concurrent Realities?

      During a L.I.T.E.treatment , a client slouched in a chair had his hand elevated above his body.  He said, “I’m here, ” pointing a finger downward toward his body, “but I’m also here,” directing his finger up toward the ceiling.  There have been many similar reports. 
     A significant element of Castaneda’s training involved control of his dreaming body, which is also called “the double.”   During a L.I.T.E.treatment , the dreaming body may be released and experienced.  Sometimes people are reluctant to return to their physical body.   As stated by one client who resisted reinstallation,  “Why would I want to go back into that old fat body of mine?”
     It is further stated by Don Juan, “…being in two places at once is the milestone sorcerers use to mark the moment the Assemblage Point reaches the place of Silent Knowledge.  Split perception, if accomplished by one’s own means (Unbending Intent), was called the Free Movement of the assemblage point.” 
     During a L.I.T.E.treatment , the therapist’s energy may release the dreaming body or double, but the client decides upon exiting.   


Why Is “The Eye” Seen By Many During A L.I.T.E.treatment ?

     Many ancient cultures, including the Greeks and Egyptians, celebrate The Eye.   Seeing it is a common occurrence during a L.I.T.E.treatment,  and it was a critical marker for the evolution of Carlos and other warriors (spiritual aspirants).   A fellow warrior, La Girda, instructed Carlos that The Eye assists the formless, dreaming body to exit through the top of the head.
La Girda taught, “The Eye in front of you pulls you (the formless, dreaming body) …when it’s small, your dreaming is precise.  If it’s big, your dreaming is like flying over the mountains and not seeing very much. “
     According to Castaneda, The Eye indicates potential movement of the client’s dreaming or formless body.  Clients have TOTAL CONTROL over leaving their body.  Some elect lightness and Lift Into The Energy.  Those who are anxious choose to remain inside the physical self.   
     La Girda’s explanation of the size of The Eye is also the possible reason for some clients experiencing vast vistas (large Eye) and others seeing more defined scenes (small Eye).  For example, one client saw a crystal city while another saw a crystal garden.


Why Do I Feel Like My Mind Has Stopped Thinking During A L.I.T.E.treatment ?

     Don Juan explains to Carlos, “As you know, the crux of sorcery is the internal dialogue; that is the key to everything.  When the warrior learns to stop it, everything becomes possible.  The most far-fetched schemes become attainable.  The passageway to all the weird and eerie experiences that you have had recently was the fact that you could stop talking to yourself…. all this has been possible because of the amount of personal power that you have stored.” 
     During a L.I.T.E.treatment, the personal power of the therapist may stop the client’s internal dialogue while creating the desired changes in the assemblage point. 



     The material above offers a theoretical framework for understanding a L.I.T.E.treatment.  Castaneda’s writing was read after the technique was learned and was not its source.  Literature about EMDR, chakras and energy bodies would offer other conceptual frameworks for understanding the L.I.T.E.treatment.



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